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Role Purpose

The purpose of the Command Centre Manager is to manage a full Security Command Centre Operation in a 24/7 working environment (including weekends) – utilizing and operating all the systems within the command centre, ensuring that all requests for assistance are attended to, and all electronic systems are operating to their optimum and according to procedures.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage all aspects related to the Security Command Centre operation.
  • Monitor security reporting processes making sure all the factors comply with the agreed quality of reports, the quantity of information, and timing through all the phases of an incident and recovery.
  • Act as Point of Contact for all (in/out) incident reporting between security contractors and designated Shoprite Checkers personnel.
  • Ensure that the command centre always remains secure, and no unauthorized person enters the command centre.
  • Operate, monitor, evaluate and maintain CCTV systems to notice ongoing and/or potential security issues and communicate them further according to procedures and instructions.
  • Ensure transmissions, media files, logs, documents, and records adhere to necessary standards while ensuring their availability, confidentiality, and integrity.
  • Prepare, extract, and arrange documents, records, and media files according to standards so that they can be further used internally, or by Law Enforcement agencies.
  • Manage the telephone system, including the dedicated emergency telephones and hotlines and follow emergency response procedures.
  • Undertake any other duties that are necessary within the command centre and monitor the Command Centre Operational activities ensuring high operational and service levels are maintained.
  • Work closely with all stakeholders assessing all risks (operational and data protection compliance) are identified, monitored, mitigating controls are implemented and operational effectiveness is reported on.
  • Report immediately of any equipment or system failures.
  • Assign and monitor the execution of specific tasks, coaching all staff members to understand what is required during the shift.
  • Communicate with the Operational component via telephone or radio, on a regular basis, according to procedure. Ensure that all agreed procedures are duly executed by the Operational Component and reporting all discrepancies to the senior management team.
  • Monitor relevant social media platforms and business platforms for any risk indicators in the security environment and reporting to SLP Management for further distribution to relevant parties.

Qualifications and experience

  • Diploma in Security Services or related – (beneficial).
  • +3 years’ experience in a security management-orientated role, overseeing a team and operational activities, multi-tasking to deliver effective administration systems – (essential).
  • Solid proficiency in MS Office 365 with well-developed Excel skills – (essential)
  • Sound knowledge of Operating processes and procedures (By laws, traffic laws, criminal procedure, SAPS/Traffic/Medical/Fire/Emergency services operating procedure
  • PSIRA registered (essential)

Key competencies and work ethic

  • Communication and reporting skills – Able to the convey information and data clearly, accurately, and succinctly in a meaningful way.
  • Using computers to process data and information – Utilisation of computers and relevant computer programmes to input, process, analyse and use data and information
  • Teamwork – participates as an active and contributing member of a team to achieve team goals. Works cooperatively with other team members, involves others, shares information as appropriate, and shares credit for team accomplishments.
  • Continuous learning – demonstrates eagerness to acquire necessary technical knowledge, skills, and judgment to accomplish a result or to serve a customer’s needs effectively. Has desire and drive to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to perform the job more effectively.
  • Motivated self-starter, with personal drive and energy and strong integrity – Takes accountability for actions and mistakes.
  • Collaborative partnering – Confident communicator with good interpersonal skills and the ability to build meaningful, sound relationships both internally and externally. Manages client expectations well.
  • Customer orientated – Committed to providing a high-quality customer service. Ensures customer needs are understood, problems timeously resolved, and expectations met.
  • Results-oriented and quality focused, sets stretch goals for self and others, while remaining focused and working tenaciously toward meeting and exceeding expectations within quality standards.
  • Drive for operational excellence and continuous improvement – Sets stretch goals for self and others while working tenaciously toward meeting and exceeding expectations within quality standards. Initiates action to improve business processes; using appropriate methods to identify opportunities, implement solutions, and measure impact.
  • Analytical with strong investigative and critical thinking skills – Applies effective problem-solving across a variety of thinking environments including implementation of business-critical projects and strategic priorities.
  • Business, risk, and compliance – Integrates understanding of business, financial and compliance, frameworks to assess compliance risks and analytically interpret them to the benefit of the organisation. Assesses a particular risk and interprets its implications on the business in terms of legal, financial, business, and reputation.

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